A new method of thought. Picking up where psychology leaves off.

Train your brain and your life will follow.  Using a combination of psychology, physics, neusro-lingustics, esocterism, classical and new thought, philosophy, strategy  and spirituality….you can unlock your true self and purpose to get you quickly on your path to the ideal life full of clarity and abundance.

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Want it all?  Plagued by issues that therapy barely put a dent in?  A framework for how to manifest what you most wish for. Foundational concepts to change your thinking and ultimately your life.

Customers reviews

My life and business were falling apart due to a pending divorce while taking my company public. I spent a fortune on psychologists, lawyers, marketing, and NOTHING was working. I was referred to Zenobia and met Courtney. With her guidance I was able to save my business and my sanity. She texted me through the divorce even late late late at night. What was supposed to be the worst time of life, I was guided to learn more than I have in all my schooling combined. In two months my whole mind was clear and life wasn’t only back on track, it was better than before.
Adam S.CEO/Entrapenur
I promise you….whatever you are going thru in your relationship, I’ve been there and Dr. C has always made time for me to help glue the pieces back together. Was it easy? Absolutely not! But working on anything worthwhile never is. She is very straightforward and honest. No sugar coating here. I have never been more grateful to a person in my life. She has truly become my fairy godmother with a lot of sass and a dose of humor.
Whether its sex, abuse, mental issues, manipulation, self-esteem, old patterns, family dynamics…she has all the tools to open the doors of understanding for my own and other peoples behavior.
S.G. MasonMom, Wife, Small Business Owner
My finances were in shambles. Poor thinking and bad choices in business and with people led me down a scary road. I owed money to everyone and even my friends. Within a few sessions, my thinking began to clear, i let go of fear and started to take responsibility and Courtney never let me give into fear. With what she taught me, I was able to not only turn my money around but other areas of my life started to magically fall into place. She took me at the darkest part of my life and guided my eyes to the light. These are lessons I can use the rest of my life. And she is always there for a check-in.
Myka R.Student and Office Manager

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